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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Milan Lake Como Oriana Curti

Born in the heart of France, I began my journey in the world of beauty in the vibrant city of Paris. There, I honed my skills and passion for makeup and hairstyling, culminating in the attainment of my professional diploma as a "Professional Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist."

Eager to expand my horizons and immerse myself in diverse cultures, I embarked on a journey across Europe, residing in London, Barcelona, and Rome. Along the way, I seized the opportunity to learn languages, mastering English, Spanish, and Italian, while gaining invaluable insights into global beauty trends.

In 2014, I realized a lifelong dream by joining the illustrious makeup team led by the iconic "Mother" herself, Pat McGrath, for the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. This pivotal experience not only enriched my expertise but also fueled my passion for creativity and innovation in the realm of fashion and beauty.

For the past two decades, I have proudly served as a freelance Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist in the fashion industry, collaborating with prestigious brands and luminaries. From the ethereal runways of Milan to the romantics views of Italian Lakes, my commitment to excellence and dedication to craftsmanship have earned me a sterling reputation among clients and peers alike.

Today, I continue to channel my artistic vision and expertise to empower individuals, celebrating their unique beauty and style. With an extensive portfolio and a clientele that speaks volumes, I remain committed to delivering unparalleled quality and elegance with every project.

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As an makeup and hairstyle artist specializing in bridal looks, "WEDDING BY JOY" brings a unique blend of creativity and elegance to every bride's special day. With a penchant for French fashion influences, I infuses timeless sophistication into every look, ensuring that each bride feels radiant and confident as she walks down the aisle.

Driven by a passion for enhancing natural beauty and accentuating individual style, "Wedding By Joy" offers bespoke makeup and hairstyle services tailored to each client's preferences. With a focus on bridal makeup and hairstyle with a French fashion touch, I bring a touch of Parisian allure to weddings across Italy.

What sets "WEDDING BY JOY" apart is not only the impeccable artistry but also the unparalleled convenience. Offering a comprehensive mobile service, Me and My team of professional makeup and hair stylist travel directly to brides, ensuring a stress-free and seamless experience on their wedding day.

While My Team caters to the bridal party and guests with expert care, I personally attends to the bride, ensuring that every detail is perfected.

Committed to excellence in every aspect, I pride myself on offering inclusive packages of exceptional quality at competitive prices. From Italian lakeside weddings to Tuscan vineyard affairs, "WEDDING BY JOY" is dedicated to making every bride's dream a reality, one brushstroke at a time.

For an unforgettable wedding day experience infused with French flair and Italian charm, trust Me and "WEDDING BY JOY" to bring your bridal vision to life, wherever love may lead you in Italy.

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I am not just a makeup and hair stylist ; I am a feather artisan who has turned her passion for feathers into a remarkable journey of creativity and innovation. It all began in the enchanting streets of Paris, where Oriana Curti discovered her fascination with feathers while pursuing her studies in makeup and hairstyling.

For my examination as a makeup and hair stylist, I embarked on a unique endeavor: crafting my first feather wig.

This bold creation not only showcased my technical prowess but also ignited a spark of inspiration that would shape part of my career trajectory.

Fuelled by my newfound passion, I delved deeper into the world of feather artistry, creating an array of captivating pieces that exemplified her boundless creativity and avant-garde sensibility.

My feather creations quickly caught the attention of the fashion industry, earning opportunities to collaborate on editorial shoots for prestigious magazines.

Beyond the realm of fashion editorial, " JOY BY ORIANA CURTI" was sought after by event agencies to bring their visions to life through stunning headpieces for show events and performers. My ability to translate concepts into mesmerizing feather masterpieces earned acclaim for my ingenuity and attention to detail.

In a bold move to expand my reach and share my distinctive creations with a wider audience, "JOY BY ORIANA CURTI launched an online e-commerce platform.

This platform showcases my unique commercial products, which include baseball caps and hats adorned with meticulously crafted feathers, along with exquisite feather bracelets. Each piece is a testament to JOY BY ORIANA CURTI s dedication to craftsmanship, with every feather intricately placed by hand, resulting in products that are both unique and of the highest quality.

With his innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to her craft, " JOY BY ORIANA CURTI " continues to push the boundaries of feather artistry, captivating audiences with her imaginative designs and elevating the world of fashion one feather at a time.

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